Frequently Asked Questions

Just wanted to take care of a few questions that customers have asked.

  1. Is it microwavable? Absolutely! All my work is microwave safe unless it is clearly marked. BUT, always avoid thermal shock. Never put ice cold liquid in a hot piece of pottery or vice versa.
  2. Is it dishwasher safe? Absolutely! All my work is dishwasher safe unless it is clearly marked. Don’t forget that ceramics are like glass. If edges or handles are banged around with other items, they can crack or break.
  3. How big is it? I always provide a length and or width for my work so that you will have an idea of what you are paying for. There is nothing worse than receiving product that is not up to your standards.
  4. How much does it hold? I always fill my work with water to provide you with as exact a volume as possible. With that said, I fill it to what I refer to as a “functional” volume. For instance, all mugs are filled to approximately 1/4″ below the rim. I want you to have a mug that you can fill up, but still be able to walk across the room with.
  5. Is that the true color? As close as possible considering that monitors can provide variations. When I photograph my work to present to you, I use indoor lighting unless the work is meant for outdoors. I firmly believe that you should receive what you pay for.
  6. Ordering Via the Website? Simply visit our Contact page and send me a note with the item number(s) and I will return an invoice to you with instructions for payment. This allows me to provide you with exact shipping costs especially if you want more than one item.
  7. Shipping? I will do my very best to ship your order via USPS within 2 business days of receiving your payment.
  8. What if my piece is damaged when I receive it in the mail? I provide ALL my customers a two (2) day period from the receiving date to report any damages. You will receive a refund on any damaged piece you receive. As almost all of the pieces are one of a kind, they can’t be replaced with an exact replica unless I have a second available.