Bowls are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors for all your needs.  If you see a size you desire but need a different color, just send me a note from my Contact Me page.

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Multipurpose Bowls for Cereal, Soups, or small mixing jobs.

A.  2 fl. cups – $14.99 ea.

B.  2 fl. cups – 14.99 ea.

C.  2 fl. cups – $14.99 ea.

D.  2 1/2 fl. cups – $15.29 ea.


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Wide Low Bowls Perfect for Pasta Dishes or Stews

A.  10 fl. oz. – $12.99 ea.  – 2 Currently Available

B.  10 fl. oz. – $12.99 ea.

C.  10 fl. oz.  $12.99 ea.

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Yarn Bowls

Designed with a heavy bottom to keep your yarn from straying from your work space.  $15.99 ea.  (C – SOLD)

Shipping & Sales Tax Not Included